Everything you need to know about eMediPro

You’re busy managing your medical practice, organizing medical records, and doing whatever you can to improve patient care. eMediPro web-based EHR makes your medical practice more efficient and patient-friendly and improves the standards of healthcare your practice offers. Scalable from single physician clinics to large, multi-location, and multi-specialty practices, eMediPro is a user-friendly integrated EHR System. eMediPro allows you to streamline your workflow while complying with ever-changing rules and regulations—freeing your time so you can focus on what matters–improving patient care.

eMediPro is a cloud-based Healthcare management software that works on a user module subscription basis to help people find the best medical professionals, book instant appointments, consult, and make better-informed health decisions. eMediPro provides transformative digital solutions to hospitals and clinicians. We have created eMediPro to help health institutions handle different issues like; faster access to information, improving profitability, and utilizing their resources efficiently.

It’s time-consuming and irritating to stand in a long queue for hours to wait for your turn just for an appointment, As a solution, different medical service providers around the globe have shifted to e- medical management systems and made the life of both patients and health care providers comfortable.

That is why to move the trends from traditional Paper-based plus time-consuming data processing, we have introduced eMediPro in Nepal. As a result, the health care providers and the customers can benefit from a national product at an affordable cost. Moreover, with eMediPro, you will have your daily life more organized and hassle-free. The customizable, comprehensive, and integrated health care management specialty of eMediPro is best for managing all aspects of health care. In addition, your health care center can use our multi-location functionality and can operate anywhere at any time around the globe.

The alerts sent through text and email as reminders improve patient care quality. This software allows you to have real-time access to patient records and other critical metrics. Patients and providers can see lab results and history online, contact providers, and schedule the next appointment using this system. Our software is simple to use and free of the errors that come with handwriting. With new technological computer systems, retrieving server or cloud information quickly and easily, resulting in optimal performance. In addition, patients can search for doctors and schedule appointments online based on their specialty, rating, fee structure, and availability.

eMedipro is brought to you by Zen IT Hub, an IT company located in Lalitpur, Nepal. We provide IT managed services, application management & support, e-commerce, web/mobile application, business management application, and strategy consulting services from small to large scale companies in various industries.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be a modern centralized healthcare system that allows care providers and the general public to manage their medical records and access them from any device, at any time.

What we Promise
We promise to develop International Quality Healthcare Software and providing these quality services at affordable costs. But, unfortunately, there is no Standardization in Healthcare IT Sector; eMediPro wants to bridge this gap by bringing standard medical software products into the market.

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